Berlin Calling Behind the Scenes: Stolpersteines

On Kastle’s first trip to Berlin, she learned of the Stolpersteines (or Stumble Stones), handmade plaques created by artist Gunter Demnig to memorialize the Jewish people of Germany who were taken from their homes and murdered by the Nazis. The stones are embedded in the sidewalk at the address where they lived.

When Kastle returned to Berlin in 2008 with her Holocaust survivor father, she had a present for him, four Stolpersteines created to mark the place her father once lived with his mother, his brother and his father, who was killed in Buchenwald Concentration Camp.

“It was like having the family back together again,” her father tearfully told her after the stones where placed while they were there.

The Waserman Stolpersteines are located at Kommandantenstr. 68/69

More information is available on the Stolpersteine website.

Placing Stumble Stones Collage