The creative team of Kastle Waserman and Nigel Dick are available for speaking services on “Berlin Calling” and related subject matter.

Berlin Calling Los Angeles Premiere

Q&A with Nigel Dick & Kastle Waserman

Kastle Waserman

With a degree in journalism and experience doing research and writing the award winning documentary “Berlin Calling,” as well as having articles published in The Los Angeles Times, Yahoo! and the New York Post, Kastle Waserman is an informed and confident speaker. Topics include:

  • My Father is a Holocaust Survivor – his story
  • Being a Second Generation Holocaust Survivor – a journey of family discovery
  • Doing Research to Discover Your Family’s Story
  • The Making of Berlin Calling – from travel journal to full blown documentary
  • What to Do to Preserve Your Family’s Legacy
  • The Responsibility of 2nd Generation Survivors – how our family’s past can educate future generations
  • Marketing an Indie Film – with a no budget

Nigel Dick

With 3 MTV awards, 2 Billboard Awards and 3 MVPA awards for his work on music videos and now an award for the documentary, “Berlin Calling,” Nigel is a versatile filmmaker who has shot music videos, feature films, commercials and web content. He’s been responsible for some of the most influential videos in music video history including Guns n’ Roses’ “Welcome to the Jungle”, Oasis’ “Wonderwall” and Britney Spears’ “Baby One More Time.” He has lectured at UCLA Extension, USC, Film Akademic Baden Wurtenberg in Germany, The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences and has a wealth of experience to share.  Topics include:

  • How to Make a Film on a Small Budget
  • The Making of “Berlin Calling” – the challenges of making a film with no script over a long period of time with ever-changing technology
  • Bearing Witness – the responsibility of documentary filmmakers to get the story right
  • The History of Music and Film
  • The Advent of Music Videos

Speaking fees are negotiable. Price list available upon request

Types of Speeches – in person or via Skype

  • One Hour Keynote Speech for your convention or all-day seminar.
  • One Hour Speech with Q&A
  • Half Hour Speech with screening of “Berlin Calling” followed by Q&A
  • Screening of “Berlin Calling” followed by Q&A
  • Half Hour Speech with One Hour Breakout Session on how to use the internet to do family research

Open to other ideas to fit your needs, let’s talk!